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Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Crypto exchanges enable you to buy and sell various forms of cryptocurrencies and tokens in exchange for fiat currencies and/or other cryptocurrencies or tokens. For the safest experience, be sure the exchange is regulated by the appropriate government authorities. Regulated exchanges are only authorized to service clients who live in specified geographical locations, so only certain exchanges will be open to you. In addition, different exchanges offer different types or levels of services, may only trade in certain crypto assets, etc.

Coinbase: Available in 100+ countries, Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto exchanges, especially for beginning crypto investors. They offer a good variety of coins to trade, plus various advanced features for professional traders, businesses, etc. If you register using this link, you will receive a $10 USD bonus after you make a trade (buy or sell) for at least $100 USD or the equivalent in your local currency.

Voyager: Strictly speaking, Voyager is a broker rather than an exchange. They serve as an intermediary, searching multiple exchanges to find the best price for your trade. But to you, the user, it all looks the same: You deposit cash or crypto, then exchange it for cash or a different crypto. Voyager also pays interest of several different crypto coins/tokens if you hold a minimum amount in your Voyager wallet. Use this link and the referral code EDWGA4 to register and you will receive a $25 USD bonus after you make a trade (buy or sell) of $100 USD or more.

Binance: By trading volume, Binance is the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. It is available in numerous countries and offers a wide variety of services, including spot crypto trading, margin trading, options, and futures, including many crypto currencies and tokens.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency "mining" is the process used to secure the network and to verify transactions. Different crypto networks and protocols utilize different forms of mining. The bitcoin network uses what's known as the "proof-of-work" method, which requires mining computers to solve mathematical problems in order to earn rewards. The rewards come in the form of new bitcoins, which is why the process is known as mining. Proof-of-work mining generally requires large amounts of computer power, making it impractical for standard laptop or desktop computers. The other major mining methodology is called "proof of stake," in which mining power is allocated according to how many coins an individual holds, rather than simply the power of the computer solving the problem. Proof of stake requires far less energy, and so is generally considered to be much more environmentally friendly.

Cryptotab Web Browser: The Cryptotab web browser was developed to overcome the problem of normal computers' not being powerful enough to mine bitcoin. The browser is simply a Chrome browser extension, so it works just like Chrome and integrates with your existing Google account. Running the browser shares your computer's power with a "mining pool," where the networked power of multiple computers are joined together to become "greater than the sum of the parts," so to speak. You can use Cryptotab for your everyday browsing, earning a small amount of bitcoin in the process. Or you can simply let it run in the background and use a different browser for web surfing.

Cryptocurrency Faucets

A crypto "faucet" is a website that gives out tiny amounts of cryptocurrency to its visitors. Usually this comes in exchange for performing a task: viewing an advertisement, solving a captcha, etc. The amounts are generally miniscule, although more can sometimes be earned for completing more-difficult or more time-consuming tasks, such as filling out a survey. You can find a comprehensive article on crypto faucets here, which explains many of the details and the pros and cons of how they work. This site is one of the earliest and most-respected of the bitcoin faucet sites. They have a variety of ways to earn free money, the easiest being simply showing up once an hour and clicking the captcha. The amount you earn for this is trivial, but it can actually add up over time. There is also a high-low gambling game, betting on events such as sports matches, and the site will pay you interest if you keep a certain amount of bitcoin in their online wallet.

Cointiply: This site has a wide variety of methods to earn free bitcoin. Payments on the site are made in their own internal coin, but you can withdraw either in bitcoin or in dogecoin. There is a once-per-hour captcha to solve, plus surveys, pay-to-click ads (they pay you to click on and view the ad), games, videos, and more. Like, Cointiply will also pay interest if you hold a certain amount of coins on their site.

Decentralized Domains

Unstoppable Domains: Register a .crypto domain on the blockchain: decentralized, censor-resistant, yours forever with no renewal fees. The domain is stored as an NFT in your Ethereum wallet. People can send you crypto payments through your domain name: they send to your-domain.crypto instead of 1KeH816EhU1sm2GDAbtA2XjnugRS61ooHg. Which is easier to remember? You can also build a decentralized website on your domain, using IPFS.

Website Advertising and Freelance Jobs

With more and more people involved in the cryptocurrency community, it's not surprising that crypto is taking on much more of the role it was originally designed for: that is, to be a medium of exchange and payment system. An increasing number of companies and individuals will pay you in crypto for work that you do. These include a wide variety of freelance jobs, as well as running ads on websites you may own.

Anonymous Ads: This site operates in much the same way as Google AdSense. You sign up for an account, and you can either purchase website advertising to promote your business, or you can run such advertising on your own website (or both). A-ads coordinates the buying, selling, and ad placement, taking in payments from ad purchasers and distributing the money to the website publishers who display the ads. All payments are made in bitcoin. If you have a website, it's a nice way to make some "easy money" without doing a whole lot of work.

Jobs4Bitcoins: This is a Reddit community where people post either jobs available or jobs being sought. Most offer or expect payment in cryptocurrency, although other payment forms are also often accepted. Jobs run the gamut from programming to writing to graphic design to sales and more. Another work-for-crypto site where you can post jobs or advertise your availability.

Disclaimer and Disclosure

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you use the link to go to the target website and subsequently purchase a product or service, I may be paid a small commission from that purchase. In some cases, you will also receive a bonus. Neither of these situations raises the price you pay for the product or service. The company itself covers these costs as a form of advertising and promotion.

Although strictly speaking, inclusion on this page does not consitute an "endorsement" or "recommendation" of the target website or its products or services, I can verify that any site included on this page is, to the best of my knowledge, legitimate.

Additionally, any site marked with a star icon is a site or company that I have personally used and have been satisfied with that company's service. In most cases, I continue to use those services. This does not mean that you will be equally satisfied or will not experience some sort of a problem with the company. It simply means that my own experience has thus far been a positive one.

In all cases -- whether investing or purchasing a product or service -- please do your own due diligence. You are solely responsible for any decisions that you make or actions that you take.

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